• Ziwei Test Released 9 Civil Air Defense Engineering Protective Equipment Testing Solutions

    As a leading company in the inspection industry, Ziwei Testing Company firmly grasps the market trend and follows the direction of the national policy. The 2018 Ziwei Testing Technology Division has released nine air defense product testing solutions based on national protective equipment testing requirements, covering protective closed doors, Closed valves, valves and other detection range;

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  • Ingenuity and Spiritual Development

    On the occasion of the 2018 Chinese New Year, in order to strengthen the marketing staff's in-depth study of new products and new business areas, and fully deploy the marketing strategy for 2018, and guide the work direction, the Group's marketing work in 2018 will be more solidly implemented. From February 27 to February 28, the company’s technology and marketing staff gathered to hold a marketing training conference in 2018. The chairman, general manager, marketing director, division manager of the group company and all marketing personnel attended the meeting.

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  • Purple micro test warmly welcomes Italy SOFIMA visit delegation

    In January, the winter cold had already reached the Xiaogang Street of Shencheng, but it still could not stop the enthusiastic visit of the Italian SOFIMA delegation。 With the approach of the Spring Festival in 2018, the arrival of an important SOFIMA representative added a festive atmosphere to the Ziwei test。

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  • Ziwei products enter the international market

    Following the success of the inspection product of “Shenyang Purple Micro-Electro-Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.” at the beginning of the year, the representative of the German delegation visited the company on the morning of May 15th. During this period, detailed communication was carried out regarding the items to be procured. The general manager of Ziwei Company, on behalf of all our staff, welcomed the visit of the German friends.

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  • Congratulations to Shenyang Ziwei Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. won the "Beijing Science and Technology Award"

    Shenyang Purple Micro Electromechanical Equipment Co。, Ltd。 was reported in frequent successes。 In recognition of the company's achievements in the research and application of key technologies for building shading, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award was awarded。 At the same time, he commended Mr。 Li Pan, chairman of the company, for his contribution to the economic and social development of the capital in promoting scientific and technological progress。

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